Oxford English Dictionary Online

If you are using your institution’s network, you may have access to Oxford English Dictionary online (www.oed.com). If you haven’t used it before, it is great for comprehensive definitions – excellent resource for defining key terms in your own writing, or looking up words you don’t know. Also, you can choose helpful options such as etymology and the earliest usage of the word in English. Check it out if you can.


2 thoughts on “Oxford English Dictionary Online

  1. I have a request… Could you set your RSS feeds to have the full posts? I’ve started using a blog reader (google reader), so I’m getting lazy about actually going to someone’s blog. Apparently, your feed is set to only have the top couple of lines of your posts instead of the whole thing. Thanks!

  2. what is the history of the word “capacious” in Milton’s Paradise Lost, book 9, line 9.603 where did it come from, how is it used and any other information you could give me. Thanks so much.

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