More on Watson

I received more information about F. Watson’s role.  He will be teaching one masters module per year and doing ‘a lot of research supervision’.  Also, it is confirmed that Watson is not replacing anyone.  He is an additional member of the staff.  So, no fears for current and incoming students!  If only he were coming in ’07!

In other news, C.K. Barrett turns 90 this 4th of May.  Morna Hooker will be coming to Durham to give a paper in his honour and there will be a departmental reception afterwards.  We will have quite the congregation of NT scholars: potentially we may have in the same room C.K. Barrett, Morna Hooker, Jimmy Dunn, John Barclay, NT Wright and Francis Watson!  Might the world implode at such an occurrence???


4 thoughts on “More on Watson

  1. I envy you. You should just go up and silently give each one of those scholars a hug and then just walk away with a single tear on your cheek.

  2. No can do. I think a few of them still have restraining order against me for the last time…. 🙂

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