Feeding the addiction of commentary-o-philes

If you love biblical commentaries, as I do, you eagerly anticipate the latest volumes by our favorite authors. Well, I thought you might be interested in knowing what is coming down the pipeline in pauline commentaries (with Acts through in). BTW – I received this info from another commentary-o-phile: parableman.

ACTS: Darrell Bock (BEC), Loveday Alexander (Luke-Acts, Black’s), R. Pervo (Hermeneia), Joel Green (NICNT; replacement), Stanley Porter (NIGTC), Carl Holladay (NTL), David Peteron (Pillar), Steve Walton (WBC), Craig Keener (Independent)

1-2 THESSALONIANS: Jeffrey Weima (BakerEC), Helmut Koester ( Hermeneia), Karl Donfried (ICC)

GALATIANSL Douglas Moo (BakerEC), John Riches (Blackwell), Gerald Borchert (Cornerstone), Graham Stanton (ICC), Martinus de Boer (NTL), Gordon Fee (Pentecost), D.A. Carson (Pillar), NT Wright (Two Horizons)

1 CORINTHIANS: Jorunn Okland (Blackwell), E. Ellis (ICC), Alexandra Brown (NTL), Brian Rosner/Roy Ciampa (Pillar), Mark Bonningtonn (of Durham!; Two Horizons), Linda Bellville (WBC)

2 CORINTHIANS: George Guthrie (BakerEC), Ralph Martin (Cornerstone), Mark Seifrid (Pillar), Philip Towner (Two Horizons)

ROMANS: Richard Longenecker (NIGTC), Beverly Gaventa (NTL), Stanley Porter (Sheffield Readings), I.H. Marshall (Two Horizons)

PHILIPPIANS: John Reumann (Anchor), David Garland (Expositors), NT Wright (ICC), Charles Cousar (NTL), George Hansen (Pillar), George Guthrie (Zondervan)

COLOSSIANS: Greg Beale (BakerEC), Jerry Sumney (NTL), Douglas Moo (Pillar), Ben Witherington (Socio-Rhetorical)

EPHESIANS: Frank Thielman (BakerEC), Max Turner (NIGTC and Two Horizons), Stephen Fowl (NTL), Clinton Arnold (Zondervan)

PASTORALS: Stanley Porter (BakerEC), Linda Belleville (Cornerstone; 1 Timothy only), A. Kostenberger (Expositors), A. Malherbe (Hermeneia), Robert Yarborough (Pillar), Robert Wall (Two Horizons), Greg Beale (Zondervan).

AS FOR DATES, check the website linked above. They know some of the dates, but in the publishing world nothing happens ‘on time’. Also, these are not listed in order of release, so some may be 4-5 years off.


4 thoughts on “Feeding the addiction of commentary-o-philes

  1. Thanks for the link. Last I’d heard, Bock’s Acts would be out in August. Amazon seems to agree with that. It’s almost certainly not out yet, even if Amazon is wrong in predicting it for August 1. Also, Bock himself listed it for August on his blog.

    It’s very hard to get any information about PNTC. Carson keeps information very close to his chest about forthcoming volumes, at least until they are already in press. The only sources for those are Eerdmans’ promotional people (which John Glynn has a relationship with, but I don’t) and the authors themselves, some of whom I’ve heard from (e.g. O’Brien on Hebrews, which should be in its complete manuscript draft soon if not already.

    I hadn’t heard anything about a timetable on Rosner and Ciampa’s I Corinthians commentary. Do you know this because you know one of the authors? My understanding is that Eerdmans takes about a year to publish once the finalized manuscript is completed. At least that’s what Donald Hagner told me about the series he edits, NIGTC. I assume the same is true of PNTC, which is the same publisher. So if their commentary is done, it might be out in a year. If, on the other hand, they’re likely to finish later this year, it should be a year after their completed manuscript is in to the publisher before we’ll see it.

  2. Thanks for the correction about Bock. I got a catalog from Baker and saw it, and I just assumed it was out. Oops!

    As for Rosner/Ciampa, I keep in touch with Ciampa and I got the impression they were almost done. But, I didn’t know the turnaround time from Eerdmans. Thanks again.

  3. Does anyone know for sure when John Reumann’s Anchor Bible Commentary on Philippians will be available? Amazon reads next January(’08), but all other online sights that I have seen suggest this April (’07). This work should most certainly be an excellent treatment of the historical setting of Roman Philippi, as Reumann’s doctoral training was in Classics (U. Penn), even though most of his ensuing work has focused on biblical theology.

  4. Last I’d heard Reumann was supposed to be this month, but I didn’t think Amazon had disagreed with that. Maybe their moving of the date is a sign that it really has moved back. The publisher has virtually no online presence, so there’s no easy way to find out.

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