Book Sale at St. John’s College, Durham

Today St. John’s college was selling old library books (from the college library) and about two dozen people turned up for the ‘opening’ at 10.30 this morning.  I didn’t know what to expect (having come from Christian Book Distributors famed ‘warehouse’ sales where you could get new commentaries for under $5).  But it turned out that they were getting rid of some really outstanding older books.  Here were my great buys:

W.C. van Unnik, Tarsus or Jerusalem: The City of Paul’s Youth. (I am dealing, in part, with Paul’s ‘religious’ background and experience and this is a key contribution).

Robert Banks, ed. Reconciliation and Hope: FS for L. Morris. (Includes essays by DA Hubbard, FF Bruce, EE Ellis, Ridderbos, Bornkamm, R. Martin, JDG Dunn :), R. Longenecker, IH Marshall, R. Banks, CEB Cranfield and GE Ladd; a priceless volume at a very small price!)

J. Jeremias, Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus (A classic reference work)

EP Sanders, ed. Jewish and Christian Self-Definition: Self Definition in the Graeco-Roman World (helpful for my study of the shaping of Christian identity; with essays by W. Burkert, Malherbe, HC Kee, and HD Betz).

Martin Hengel, Judaism and Hellenism [Vol. 1]. (Another classic).

Eduard Schweizer, A Theological Introduction to the NT.

CK Barrett, NT Essays.

HC Kee, The Living World of the NT.

Bertil Gartner, The Temple and the COmmunity in Qumran and the NT (A foundational volume for studying about views of the temple in Qumran and especially Paul).

Tyndale Bulletin 1997 48.1, 48.2.

Here’s the best part – I got all of these for under $20!  Thank you St. John’s and thanks especially to Richard Briggs who opened this event up to non-St. John’s members.


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