My experience with the HOST UK program

During Freshers week (something like ‘new student’ orientation week) we had the chance to fill in a form to be hosted by a British family for a weekend to help us feel more comfortable in England and experience real family life.  You had the option of the general area of the UK to be hosted in (Northern v. Southern England, Scotland, etc…) and you fill in a form detailing your favourite activities and interests to find a good family match.  We were interested in a nearby location (for reasons of the cost of travel).  The Host is supposed to take care of your housing needs (i.e. you stay with them), and they look after you for most meals.

We just came back from our visit to a family in Hull which is a coastal city about 2 1/2 hours south of Durham (1 hour south of York).  It was an enjoyable visit.  Our 10-month-old baby was adored by both Ms. Dent (our host) and her son Niall (10 yrs old).  We ate most meals together and played games together.  We went to the city centre of Hull and there are many things to see and do.  A major attraction is the William Wilberforce house where the famous Abolitionist and Member of Parlaiment was born and raised – it has now been turned into a museum that is really impressive.  There are several museums in Hull and they are all free.  It is a fun city for children as well with a maritime museum and a ‘streetlife’ museum that replicates daily life in Hull 200 years ago (and throughout following eras).

We had a wonderful time and we recommend the HOST UK program to international students studying in the UK.  For more information CLICK HERE.