Durham Alum, Did you know…

This is not (necessarily) an opportunity to toot our university’s horn, but a chance to demonstrate that some pretty excellent scholars have come out of Durham (as either undergrads or postgrads):

Did you know that Durham has produced:

Simon Gathercole

Bruce Longenecker

Stephen Finlan (now at Drew)

Helen Bond

Paul Trebilco

Maurice Casey

Ben Witherington III

Judith Lieu (for her MA)

So far just a short list.  Can anyone think of others who have some recognition in academia?  OT people as well?


One thought on “Durham Alum, Did you know…

  1. Hi,

    I have recently been accepted by Durham to been PhD with John Barclay in Oct. I am writing to concerning te college system. Following the advice of Ben Blackwell I applied to St. John’s college, but I do have a few questions.

    I’m not sure which college you are in, but from your perspective does the housing options of Ustinov create a context in which it is easier to find and establish community?

    My wife and, as of today, one month old son, will be joining me and I simply want to ensure that I don’t leave them isolated by renting a home in town.

    Any thoughts you have on this matter would be appreciated.

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