Concordia Seminary (Fort Wayne) Symposium – papers posted online

My wife is from Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Heard of it?  Whenever we travel back to the US we make a visit to her parents.  And, as our Durham library is all but useless when it comes to theology holdings, I try to pop in to Concordia Theological Seminary to see what they have there.  You may have heard the name because they have their own periodical (Concordia Journal).  Well, last time I was there I noticed that this small Lutheran seminary has a symposium each year with papers read on a particular topic (justification, identity, holiness, etc…).  What really surprised me was the names of some of the guest speakers.  Last year, for instance, Abraham Malherbe was a keynote speaker!  I missed going to the conference by only a few days!  Others who have read papers in the past include Mark Seifrid, Stephen Westerholm, Richard Hays and Harold Attridge.  In 2008, Simon Gathercole will be there reading a paper.

Ok, so you probably can’t go, and neither can I, but the good news is that previous papers are put online (except a few).  Check out past papers at:

Something, I think, worth checking out…