If you are ever in Cambridge (England)…

I am in Cambridge (right now at the Tyndale House) visiting David Nystrom (current PhD student at Cantab; MATR alum of Durham). Yesterday, we went book shopping in the city. After a quick stop at the Cambridge University Press shop (did you know they have the SNTS in paperback?), we went to a very special ship: Galloway & Porter LTD. They have shelves and shelves of clearance price biblical monographs and the like. I picked up three NT monographs for ₤6-8 each! If you are ever in Cambridge, find out where G & P’s is, but be warned – the prices are too good to resist!


3 thoughts on “If you are ever in Cambridge (England)…

  1. Thanks for the recommendation. There is a similar Bookshop in York, Barbican Books It`s not as big as your recommendation in Cambridge, but they often have Word Biblical Commentaries at reasonable prices and Anchor Bible commentaries. I don`t work for them if you think I`m advertising for them!

  2. Great info, I’m currently studying at Mattersey bible college. . look forward to visiting Cambridge for the books

  3. Speaking of books, this really pretty lady gave me a book on how to pray when she came to my church in horwich. I wish I could get in touch with her to say thank you.

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