2008 British New Testament Society Conference (Durham University)

If you have not already heard, this years BNTS conference will take place at Durham University (September) at St. John’s College. The official website is ntgateway.com/bnts/.

The webpage has recently been revamped (and looks a lot better now!) and the paper titles of the four plenary speakers have been posted:

Professor John M. G. Barclay
‘Two Versions of Grace: Romans 9-11 and the Wisdom of Solomon’
Professor Loveday Alexander
‘The Myth of the Imprisoned God: Classical Intertextualities in the Acts of the Apostles’
Professor Dale Martin
‘Angels, Demons and Paul’

Dr Eddie Adams
‘The Earliest Christian Meeting Places’


These are all very exciting issues and we are privileged to have four speakers since the conference normally has only three.

Also, call for papers is open. Note that, due to the inclusion of a four plenary speaker, there will be no simultaneous short papers. Also, a ‘Catholic Epistles’ seminar group has been added.


5 thoughts on “2008 British New Testament Society Conference (Durham University)

  1. Ben D.,
    ‘Simultaneous short papers’ (SSP) are separate from the normal seminar groups. Usually the SSP are less technical than seminar topics. Last year there were four papers read in the SSP. This year they will not have this SSP session. But, the seminar groups are something different where papers are accepted and read within groups under a certain theme (such as Synoptics, Paul, Hermeneutics, etc…). See the website for more info about how the seminar groups.

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