Whoever you are….thank you…

Through the ‘wordpress’ analysis functions I can see what people search on google (or whatever) in order to eventually make it to my blog.  I noticed that today someone found their way to my blog simply by typing in the words ‘wise scholar’ into a search engine.  Whoever you are…thank you…


3 thoughts on “Whoever you are….thank you…

  1. Hello Nijay,

    I just discovered your website the other day. Your essay on PhD stuff was incredibly helpful and has already solitified some things in my own mind in terms of my own calling. I am a local church pastor who has long dreamed of being a Pauline scholar. I was recently admitted to a ThM program at Covenant Seminary in St. Louis and will see how that goes before aggressively pursuing doctoral studies. In the meantime, your essay gave me plenty to think about!

    My question: I am curious as to your thoughts on the current field of Pauline studies in relation to my primary interests:
    Interest #1 – the impact of Isaiah on Paul’s theological understanding of his mission; or simply the impact of Isaiah on Paul’s thought altogether.
    Interest #2 – I was recently reading an article in the Dictionary of Paul’s Letters under “Mission” and the author suggested that an arena of neglect in Pauline studies is how Paul’s vocation as a missionary impacted/shaped his overall theology & letter-writing. As a pastor/church planter, this peaked my interest since my two greatest passions are in fact missiology & Pauline theology.
    I’m just curious as to your thoughts on these subjects as potential doctoral/research proprosals and where the current trends in the field are. Thanks for your time!

  2. ‘Yes Lisa….daddy’s a teacher…’ (Homer responding to Lisa when he tells her he is teaching a course for the community center and she asks what pedagogical method he is going to us)

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