Need Some Advice…

I am about the write a short section in my thesis on the Apostle Paul’s conception of the work of the Holy Spirit.  I know that that is a huge topic, but I am mostly looking at it from the perspective of the instances where he uses it in relationship to cultic metaphors: Temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 3.16; 6.19); also worship in Spirit (Phil. 3.3) – that sort of thing.

Does anybody have suggestions as to what I should be reading?
Here is what is on my list to read:

Fee – basically everything he’s written; but especially God’ s Empowering Presence

Scott, Ian – Implicit epistemology in the letters of Paul: story, experience and the Spirit

Philip, F. The Origins of Pauline Pneumatology

The Festschrift for James Dunn

Lull, D., The Spirit in Galatia

Fatehi, M. The Spirit’s Relation to the Risen Lord in Paul

Levison, J. The Spirit in First Century Judaism

Also I plan on looking at all the articles on the Holy Spirit in the IVP Dictionaries (especially Dictionary of Paul and His Letters; and the Dictionary of the Old Testament Pentateuch, Anchor Bible Dictionary, New Interpreter’s Dictionary) – what else?

Are there major studies I should be consulting?


5 thoughts on “Need Some Advice…

  1. Nice list. The Fatehi book is one of my absolute favourites. Don’t forget Max Turner’s various books and articles on this issue, and perhaps you should also check out Andre Munzinger, Discerning the Spirits: Theological and Ethical Hermeneutics in Paul (Cambridge University Press, 2007)

  2. Chris,
    Thanks for the advice. I forgot about Turner’s work – I will check that out. As for Munzinger – I read it and really loved it – well researched and very thought-provoking (also a student of Turner’s I think??). I have a forthcoming review of it in REVIEWS IN RELIGION AND THEOLOGY.

    I have still yet to see Fatehi’s book.

  3. Beale’s book on the Temple and the Church’s Mission may be worth checking out. I haven’t gotten far enough in the text to know what he says there, and if it’s helpful, but I’d reckon it a text worth examining based on the first hundred or so pages.

    [[Incidentally, though prob not academic enough for your thesis, you’ll find good work perhaps to enrich your own thinking and to rec to laypeople in Chris Wright’s Knowing the Holy Spirit through the OT, one of my fave reads this past year.]]


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