Paul and Apostolic Identity – need some help/advice

My penultimate chapter that I am working on deals with Paul’s self-conception of his apostleship and where he derived this understanding from and how it developed in the articulation of his status and ‘calling’ in his letters.

The only thing I know of that is substantial is Shutz’s Paul and the Anatomy of Apostolic Authority.  Does anyone know of other good resources?  I am more interested in the generation and development of his apostolic identity, rather than more current interests in social dynamics (i.e. Paul and ‘power’).  More specificially, I am studying the importance of the metaphors of Paul as ‘temple architect’ (see 1 Cor 3; Rom 15) and Paul as ‘priest’ (1 Cor 9; Rom 15) – are these just convenient metaphors or are they more formative in his identity?  Where did he get these ideas from?  Please help!
Any suggestion would be most welcome, but presume I have read basic dictionary entries and commentaries.  Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Paul and Apostolic Identity – need some help/advice

  1. You might do well to check out this dissertation: Paul the Spiritual Guide: A Social Identity Perspective on Paul’s Apostolic Self-Identity. by Robert Keay (Belfast Bible College, Northern Ireland). Make sure you scroll up.
    You might also be interested in Taylor, N. H. “Apostolic Identity and the Conflicts in Corinth and Galatia” In Paul and his Opponents. Edited by Stanley E. Porter. Leiden: Brill, 2005. 99-127. Cf. Although it doesn’t specifically deal with your issues of priest or temple architect.

  2. Karl Olav Sandnes, Paul, One of the Prophets? (WUNT)

    Francis H. Agnew, ‘The Origin of the NT Apostle-Concept: A Review of Research’ JBL (1986) 75-95

  3. Nijay I see William S Campbell has written a book Paul and the creation of Christian identity I don`t know it will be of any use

  4. “Paul as Master-builder.” by J Duncan Derrett. Evangelical Quarterly 69 Ap 1997, p 129-137.

    “The Testing by Fire of the Builders’ Works : 1 Corinthians 3:10-15.” by Harm W. Hollander. New Testament Studies, 40 no 1 Ja 1994, p 89-104.

    “Paul as master builder : construction terms in First Corinthians.” by Jay Shanor. New Testament Studies, 34 no 3 Jl 1988, p 461-471.

    “The “Temple Of The Spirit” As The Inaugural Fulfillment Of The New Covenant Within The Corinthian Correspondence.” by Scott Hafemann. Ex auditu, 12 1996, p 29-42.

    Those may prove helpful. Maybe!

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