Best NT Survey Textbook – the results are in…

In a previous post I asked readers to vote for their favority NT survey textbook.  Preliminary results are in.

1. David deSilva (An Introduction to the NT) – by a landslide – 9 votes

2. Raymond Brown (An Introduction to the NT) – 4 votes

3. Luke Timothy Johnson (The Writings of the NT) – 2 votes

4. Carson and Moo (An Introduction to the NT) – 2 votes

Why deSilva – several people liked the thorougness and also the multi-faceted nature of the book which is good on themes, theology, social issues, and ministerial and spiritual formation.  It appears the many would recommend deSilva and have Brown as a recommended additional resource.

Richard Hays to Give First CK Barrett Lecture (Univ of Durham)

St. John’s College (Univ of Durham) just announced that Richard Hays will present the very first annual CK Barrett Lecture on November 5th at 7.30 PM in the (new) Barrett Lecture Hall near the university library.  Lecture title to be announced.