Tips for Academic Job Interviews

This is both an opportunity to call attention to some good resources out there on job hunting and interviewing, and to ask any of you out there who are experienced in interviewing some question.

First of all, I am thankful to say that I do have one (and maybe two) interviews at SBL this year.  Thus, I am scouring the internet, looking for good resources on interviewing and how to be prepared.

One resource, which is more generally geared towards humanities, is full of wisdom:

Also, one might try to search the Chronicle of Higher Education ( which has a number of online articles on the subject of common interview questions and flow charts of the process.

I will say that, from my small amount of experience so far, it is very important (1) to get some teaching experience somehow and (2) to publish a journal article.  This has been reinforced by a number of scholars (young and older) that I trust, and I have found that these elements seem to be important to those who have looked at my work.

If anyone has advice for what to do or not to do during an interview next week, don’t hesitate to comment!


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