Interested in Doing Some Research in Boston Before SBL?

I will be arriving a couple of days early in Boston before SBL.  I had hoped there were good sessions, if not on Thursday evening, then perhaps on Friday – I guess I was wrong!  I didn’t see anything really interesting until Institute for Biblical Research on Friday evening.  Oh well.
I have decided to try and make it to a theological library to do a bit of research (specifically looking for some of those things that we do not have at Durham -which is quite a lot!).  FYI – the Boston Public Library is quite close to the Hynes Convention Center and has a decent theological section.  But, even better is the Boston University Theology Library which is a short trip via the metro (it is four short stops on the Green Line, a five minute journey I expect).  Or, you could walk (in the bitter cold).  To warm up, I highly recommend a coffee from Dunkin’ donuts (I am serious) and a Boston Creme doughnut (with chocolate icing and custard filling).  BU’s theology library is open to any visitors from 8AM-9PM.

I will be there all day Thursday and perhaps for a bit on Friday.


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