Congrats to Bruce Longenecker…!

Congratulations are in order for Bruce Longenecker who is now moving to Baylor to become their chair in the Religion department.  This is, sadly, another blow to Scottish Universities, especially St. Andrews which saw the retirement of Prof. Bauckham and the Oxford-ward move of Prof. Bockmuehl.

After so many years in the UK, this will be quite a transition for Dr. Longenecker, but certainly a highly respected position at a leading institution.  Best wishes to you, Dr. Longenecker.

I read Mark Goodacre’s announcement HERE.


6 thoughts on “Congrats to Bruce Longenecker…!

  1. Nijay, thanks for your site, it has really been a help to me as one who is considering a Phd after seminary. How would you rank/evaluate Baylor’s NT program in light of this appointment? Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Ron:

    I am currently at Baylor. Granted, I am doing OT, but I would say the Baylor NT program is quite strong. Mike Parsons is quite strong, and of course Charles Talbert is an invaluable resource. The recent addition of Lidija Novakovic has also been wonderful as she brings a great experience and knowledge of the Dead Sea Scrolls with her. She also offers a quite different methodological take than the rest of the NT department.

    At Baylor, ‘audience criticism’ is the practiced methodology. At bottom, it involves attending to understand how a text would have been heard by a community, in light of what is known about Greek rhetoric in texts such as the Progymnasmata. Dr. Novakovic, I would venture, is a bit more historical-critical in her leanings than the rest of the department.

    Dr. Longenecker will certainly be a fine addition to the faculty.

  3. John,

    Thanks for the information. I have another year left and I am strongly considering applying to Baylor for New Testament studies. My undergraduate school, Palm Beach Atlantic University, has good ties with Baylor. I will add your blog to my favorites and look forward to interacting with you in the future.

  4. Ron:

    Please do check out my blog, and feel free to comment. i look forward to your interaction!

    Do you know Nathan Lane at PBA? He is a Baylor alum and teaches OT. He and I roomed together at SBL in Boston this past year with two other guys . . . it was a good time. Tell him I say hi, please.

    Also, if you have any questions about Baylor, let me know on my blog and I will gladly be of the best assistance I can.

    As a way of advertising Baylor, I will say it has been quite good to me in the three years I have been there. In that time I have presented 3 papers at the regional SBL, 2 papers (with a third that has been accepted) for national SBL, as well as a forthcoming article (which I plan to post on my blog soon). I have also had the chance to work with Bill Bellinger, chair of the religion department, for the last two years. I am currently working with him on two book projects: the Smyth and Helwys Psalms commentary (a beast!!!) and revisions for the second edition of his Psalms intro published by Hendrickson. I am also hopeful to be teaching an intro to Scriptures at Baylor in the fall. Baylor has many great opportunities, and my CV has benefited much from my time here. I hope you will check it out!

    All the best!

  5. John:

    I have checked on your blog and will comment from time to time. I know of Dr. Lane but do not know him being that he came to PBA the year after I graduated. My email address is if you ever want to contact me. I will be keeping in touch if there are any questions I have about Baylor. Thanks for everything brother!

    Ronnie Perry

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