3rd Paper Accepted for SBL Rome…

Well, I proposed 3 papers for SBL and all three have been accepted!  Now, I have to choose my favorite two!  Well, here is the 3rd, FYI

Sustaining the Sacred Canopy: John 17 from a Socio-Cognitive Perspective

In this paper I intend to apply the sociological work of Peter L Berger to the matter of prayer in the New Testament.  Berger argues that ‘reality’ is socially constructed and that people, by nature, seek out order.  Religion, Berger contends, is an important social phenomenon insofar as it seeks to form a ‘sacred canopy’ that grounds social identity.

Berger’s (along with Thomas Luckman’s) work has influenced sociological criticism of the NT, but such theories have rarely been applied to the subject of prayer.  John’s recounting of Jesus’ prayer in John 17 offers a useful case study for applying such a soci-cognitive approach not least because of the language of knowledge, truth, unity, and cooperation present.


3 thoughts on “3rd Paper Accepted for SBL Rome…

  1. Hi Nijay,

    Once you’ve given your paper, I’d love to read it if you didn’t mind. Sounds really interesting!

  2. Nijay,

    I would like to get a copy of this paper if you don’t mind (email:celucien_joseph@yahoo.com). I’ll appreciate it. I strongly suggest that you’ll select this particular paper as one of your presentations:).

  3. Dr. Gupta:

    Is there any way of getting a copy of your paper:
    Sustaining the Sacred Canopy: John 17 from a Socio-Cognitive Perspective

    I have done several online reviews of Peter Berger’s works (Social Construction of Reality, Rumor of Angels, etc.) which you can find on Amazon.com. I would like to review your paper if at all possible.
    Thank you.
    Wayne Lusvardi
    Pasadena, California

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