PDF Editor (Free online)

I am considering taking my articles that have been published so far and making them into a nice one-volume book (paperback) that I can send with job applications.  The problem is, self-publishing websites like lulu.com require (I think) that your uploaded book be one pdf file.  I don’t have a very sophisticated pdf editor (foxit), so how do I do it?  I found a great site called pdfhammer.com which is free.  Check it out!


8 thoughts on “PDF Editor (Free online)

  1. Another self-publishing site, Wordclay.com (if I remember correctly), allows you to upload your files as Word documents, which then transfers the whole thing into a single PDF for you. It’s been a while since I last looked at Wordclay, so I apologize if I’m wrong on this.

  2. If you have a Mac with Leopard, you simply open one PDF and then drag the others to the sidebar, and the program called Preview automatically adds them into a single PDF file. File, Save As, done.

  3. Do you use a Mac? If so, you can combine pdf’s with automator. Or if you are not savvy enough for automator, you can open the first pdf in Preview, then simply drop the others in the page sidebar

  4. it will produce with highly complex documents, but if all you want to do is have your JPG contained within a PDF, Office will do the trick

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