Do You Know About DEO Publishing?

DEO is not just a catchy doxological allusion, but also the initials of its founder David E. Orton.  I first met him when I was organizing the publishers for the British NEw Testament Conference in Durham.  David wanted a table to display his fine selection of books.

Now, his name originally rang a bell to me.  Who is he?  Why does his name sound familiar?  Anyone who is anyone in the New Testament academic ‘biz’ should also recognize his name.  He used to be the chief academic editor at Sheffield Academic Press and also Senior Publisher at Brill.  Thus, he is an expert when it comes to all things publishing.

I mention DEO because I was impressed with what David has been trying to do, only choosing projects and books that are of the highest quality.  He has no time to waste on fluffs and fads.

He has been kind enough to inform me of what is coming soon from DEO.  Two items are really exciting.

The first is a series on the Rhetoric of Religious Antiquity with the launching volume, The Invention of Christian Discourse (V. Robbins) coming in the near future.  In this series will also appear a slew of ancient rhetoric commentaries by such NT up-and-comings and luminaries as P.J.J. Botha (Mark), Todd Penner (Acts), Charles Wanamaker (1 Corinthians), Duane Watson (Philippians), R. Ascough (1-2 Thessalonians), David deSilva (1 Peter, Revelation), and Robert Webb (Jude).

The second item is from a new series entitled ‘Guides to Advanced Biblical Research‘.  Here is the series description: This series assists research-level students and scholars in providing surveys of recent research on particular fields, with annotated bibliographies and suggestions for the direction of further research. Ideal for anyone about to research or write on a particular biblical book or topic.  One of the inaugural volumes is from William Telford on the Gospel of Mark.  Telford’s work, over 600 pages, seeks to list and describe every contribution on Mark in the last 25 years!  Now, I am proud to say that I am in a postgraduate seminar with Dr. Telford on Mark and there is virtually no one in the world more qualified to write this book.  And, from the page proofs I have seen in class, it looks spectacular.  I asked Dr. Telford if there are ideas in there for future doctoral theses – he smiled.  IF YOU ARE DOING DOCTORAL WORK IN MARK, ORDER THIS BOOK; SPARE NO EXPENSE!

For more information, see Deo’s website – HERE.


3 thoughts on “Do You Know About DEO Publishing?

  1. These all look like great books, don’t get me wrong. But do you not feel even a modicum of tension, a need to sniff with a tiny hermeneutic of suspicion, the claim that this is a publisher opposed to fads! How can you claim to be opposed to fads and be publishing books on the last 25 years of scholarship? Nothing is more faddish than the assumption that every contribution to the study of Mark in the last 25 years is worth listing and describing. Surely the least Bill Telford could do for the rest of us is apply a bit of discrimination and tell us the best contributions.
    And don’t let’s start on Rhetoric.

  2. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to clarify on the Telford book. It at least annotates the last 25 years worth of research, but I know there is much more involved in its 600 pages. When I receive the volume, I will comment more extensively .

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