New and Forthcoming from WJK

Philippians and Philemon (New Testament Library) by Charles Cousar. Though this commentary series does not really have a good niche in the commentary market, they have contracted some great scholars (forthcoming – Gaventa on Romans; Joel Green on James; Stephen Fowl on Ephesians). Cousar will offer an excellent ‘theological’ reading here. His work on the cross is seminal. I don’t know much about this commentary except the description hints that Cousar plays up the problem of opponents.

Pauline Parallels (Walter Wilson): parallels to ancient literature such as DSS and greco-roman texts. Almost 500 pages ($50)

Theological Bible Commentary (eds. G.R. O’Day and D.L. Petersen). A one-volume commentary that attempts to ‘think theologically’ about biblical literature. Questions that will be emphasized include: What does each biblical book say about God? How does the book describe God and portray God’s actions? Who is God in these biblical books?

A sampling of contributors: Elizabeth Johnson, Luke Timothy Johnson, Stephen Kraftchich, Sandra Polaski, and Sze-kar Wan.


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