James Dunn and New Testament Theology

Ok.  It is purely coincidence that I have mentioned Dunn in most of my recent posts, but he is deserving of yet another one.  I just saw an announcement of a new New Testament Theology by Dunn (Abingdon, 2009).  It appears that it should be available in June or July.  See description below:

In this third volume in the Library of Biblical Theology series, James D.G. Dunn ranges widely across the literature of the New Testament to describe the essential elements of the early church’s belief and practice. Eschatology, grace, law and gospel, discipleship, Israel and the church, faith and works, and most especially incarnation, atonement, and resurrection; Dunn places these and other themes in conversation with the contemporary church’s work of understanding its faith and life in relation to God’s self-revelation in Jesus Christ.


One thought on “James Dunn and New Testament Theology

  1. you thrill me with your achievements in academics. it shows you have no single time to rest or waste. please, how can i get this new book by J.D.G Dunn.

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