Need Help from Greco-Roman specialists…

I am doing some research on the history, habits, strategies, ethos, and organization of the Roman Army from its inception to the the end of the first century AD.  I can find books on the Roman army relatively well (though suggestions of highly respected authors and sources are welcome!).  I need to get to know the most respected journals in which to look.  Who can help me out?  What online resources are there for searching journals of classics and ancient Roman history and society?  I am pretty new to the Greco-Roman world research, so feel free to ‘dumb-it-down’ for me 🙂


NB: Some of the fruits of this research will be presented at the Tyndale Fellowship conference in July, so I can thank you in person if you are in attendence – please let me know if you are going!


7 thoughts on “Need Help from Greco-Roman specialists…

  1. Nijay,
    You probably already know about this, but an article in the Paul Sampley edited book Paul and the Greco-Roman World on ‘Paul, Games, and the Military’ has what looks like (to me anyway) a really extensive bibliography related to Greek and Roman military issues (pp. 365-68), but (I am guessing) even more importantly for what you are asking are the four websites the author lists (p. 365) also dealing with Greek and Roman warfare.

    This one is said to be particularly extensive (and includes numerous journal articles):

    Ben D.

  2. Some journals: Journal of Roman Studies, Classical Quarterly. Since you’re wanting to ‘dumb it down,’ a good starting point would be to look at a very useful resource, Jo-Ann Shelton, As the Romans Did (2nd ed.), ch. 9 being on the Roman Army. On p. 463 she has a list of biblio for further reading. Also Lewis and Reinhold have 2 vols. on Roman Civilization (excellent resources). It’s been a while since I thumbed through them but you should be able to find something there.

    You may want to visit David Meadow’s blog — ask him for leads or search his several links. Also poke around at eClassics and I’m sure you’ll meet some people who can help out:

    Hope this gives you a few leads at least.


  3. I completed a short article on the Roman army for an encyclopedia. Some of the sources I looked at were:

    Lawrence Keppie The Making of the Roman Army
    G.R. Watson The Roman Soldier
    Grahm Webster The Roman Imperial Army

    Good luck with your research.

  4. Several of the leading ancient history/classics journals are available on JSTOR: Journal of Hellenic Studies, Journal of Roman Studies, etc. When you browse by discipline, check under Classical Studies.

    Check out Aufstieg und Niedergang der römischen Welt…
    Looks likes a number of great articles were published in 1974; e.g.,
    •Breeze, D.J., The Career Structure below the Centurionate during the Principate II.1 (1974) 435-451
    •Davies, R.W., The Daily Life of the Roman Solider under the Principate II.1 (1974) 299-338

    •Saddington, D.B., Tacitus and the Roman Army II.33.5 (1991) 3484-3555

    looks like you already know of the ANRW search engine…

    Here’s another bibliography…

    It looks like ‘A Companion to the Roman Army’ by Paul Erdkamp (Blackwell) is similar to the Cambridge Companion series.

  5. Try where history buffs of all sorts including world renowned authors and historians hang out and argue discuss etc. Many re-enactment societies worldwide congregate there for internet comraderie Academic site.

    If you need to know anything, thats the place to go.

    weapons designer of modern manuballista (inswinger or “Hatra”)

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