Bookstore page added

Please note that I have added a bookstore page (see tabs at top of blog). I will continue to expand what is in there, but I thought it might be nice to highlight what I think are the best commentaries, survey books, textbooks, scholarship, etc…

The bookstore is still a work-in-progress, but I have added several titles under the ‘commentaries’ category along with my own annotations on why I like the particular volume. These will be short comments, but may be helpful tips on which commentary to purchase.

As choices in the bookstore are very personalized, I probably won’t be spending time defending my choices or responding to comments, though you may make your case!

NB: the bookstore does link to an Amazon store. If you purchase a book through my link, I will get a ‘cut’ of the sale or something like that. What will be done with the money? I would like most or all of it to go into giving honorariums to scholars for doing interviews with me, or guest posts, or for purchasing new books to review on the blog.

I will continue to announce when I have added new categories to the bookstore.

For convenience, you may simply click HERE.


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