Studying NT in the UK and learning about the Roman Empire

One of the attractions to me for studying in the UK for a NT phd is the rich history in Britain of the Roman Empire and the many archaeological sites and attractions that can teach you about life in the Empire.

For a short history of Roman Britain, see this BBC article: HERE.

Some well-known things to see are Hadrian’s Wall built to protect Roman land from the northern hostiles.  There are also a number of Roman roads, villas, baths, military forts. A lot of these sites have been made into tourist attractions (of course!) and I have taken my daughter to some of them.  Many Roman relics stand in city centres alongside the rest of modern life.  For instance, in York (not far from Durham) there is a Roman column (free standing near the minster) that was an original part of a city centre building in Roman times.  It is also near the statue of Constantine that stands in honor of his coronation which took place near York.

So, if you are doing NT and are interested in the Roman Empire. Aside from studying in Italy, you may want to consider coming to England and learning from Romain Britain.

For more info see HERE.

There is also, of course, the riches of the British museum (See HERE).