Regent College Summer Courses (2009)

One of my supervisors, John Barclay, told me that he was going to be teaching a course over the summer at Regent College.  I decided to take a peek at what this summer programme was all about.  In fact, there are several eminent scholars lined up to teach intensive courses.  Check it out HERE.

John Barclay on Paul’s theology of grace.

Paul Barnett on Romans

Paul Helm on John Calvin

Bruce Waltke on Judges and Ruth

Mark Knoll on the History of Christianity through Hymns (!)

J.I. Packer on Colossians, Ephesians, Philemon

Ralph Winter and John Stackhouse on the ethics of filmmaking

Michael Ward on C.S. Lewis

On a more personal note, I really like Regent College.  When I was looking at where to do my Master’s work, I was considering Gordon-Conwell, Regent, Fuller and Asbury.  I went with Gordon-Conwell primarily because of a really good scholarship (75% off tuition) and also their strong biblical language program.  Also, Walt Kaiser spoke at my church and talked up GCTS really well.  But, because I did two degrees at GCTS, part of me wishes I did one of them at Regent.  Oh well, maybe I can live vicariously through my son or daughter if they go to Regent (NB: both of them are now under 3 years old).  sigh….


3 thoughts on “Regent College Summer Courses (2009)

  1. I’m in a D.Min program at GCTS right now. I would like to ask you something about a PhD in the UK, is there an e-mail or link on this site where I can do that?

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