And the Verdict is…..?

I passed my viva (with the correcting of some typos)!  It took place from 2pm-4pm and Francis Watson and Simon Gathercole were both very friendly and helpful.  They did press me hard on a few things, and I certainly need to reflect some more on some issues before sending it to a publisher, but they passed me without need for any adjustments to the argument of my thesis.

This is very exciting and I am going to take some time to relax a bit before jumping into job interviews again!

I would say that the experience I had was very positive and I hope others can have as pleasant of a time as I did.  A few questions really made me sweat, but I survived anyway!

Thanks for all of you who prayed and gave well-wishes.  I look forward to publishing the thesis and getting some of these ideas out there.

Good luck to others who are also finishing in the near future.


23 thoughts on “And the Verdict is…..?

  1. Congrats Nijay! That must be such a relief! Enjoy the time off and best wishes for the job hunt

  2. Congrats, Nijay, I’m glad you’ve had such a good time! Did they suggest a publisher for you?

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