Wipf & Stock New and Soon-Coming Releases

I get update emails, once in a while, from Wipf & Stock.  I was pleased today to see that Stephen Fowl’s Theological Interpretation of Scripture book (Cascade Companions series) is now out.  I met Stephen last year at SBL and he is a great guy.  The endorses for this book are all experts and give his book much accolade.  I hope to get my hands on this for some light reading in the near future.

James Charlesworth has written a nice little book (172 pp.) on the Odes of Solomon called The Earliest Christian Hymnbook.  He offers his own translation as well. Interestingly,this is pitched almost as a kind of devotional book.  The endorser writes: ‘…fine for scholars, wonderful for believers!’

One of my favorite journals, one that happens to be published by W & S, is Ex Auditu; each issue is themed (based on a conference each year) and the topics are well chosen (as are the contributors).  The newest issue, vol. 24, is on ‘The Idolatry of Security’.  The various articles look very interesting.

Fear in the Garden: The State of Emergency and the Politics of Blessing
Scott Bader-Saye

Response to Bader-Saye
Amy E. Black

“In God We Trust”? The Challenge of the Prophets
R. W. L. Moberly

Response to Moberly
Robert L. Hubbard, Jr.

Imagining the Unthinkable: Exposing the Idolatry of National Security in Amos
M. Daniel Carroll R.

Response to Carroll
Robert D. Haak

Security and Self-Sufficiency: A Comparison of Paul and Epictetus
John M. G. Barclay

Response to Barclay
Joel Willitts

Martin Luther’s Teachings on Security in the Psalms and Their Signicance for the Art of Reading Scripture
G. Sujin Pak

Response to Pak
Jo Ann Deasy

“One Who Trusts Will Not Panic”: Providence and the Prophet of Desecuritization
Jill Carson Colwell

As for future releases, keep an eye out for these:

– Colossians/Philemon commentary by Mike Bird

– Romans commentary by Craig Keener

– A book on Reading Revelation Responsibly by Mike Gorman

– The interestingly-titled: From Expected Death Comes New Life: The Theology of the Gospel of Mathew (M.J. Marohl).


One thought on “Wipf & Stock New and Soon-Coming Releases

  1. Hey! I know Jill. She taught one of my preaching practica at Fuller and her husband pastors a church down the street from us. I didn’t realize she had an article coming out. I believe her name is spelled incorrectly and should be: Jill Carlson Colwell.

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