More Good Stuff on i-tunes U

I have a long commute to an extension campus where I teach on Mondays, so I need to keep busy in the car.  As I was snooping around i-tunes U, I found some new courses put online at Fuller Theological Seminary:

John Goldingay now has three of his seminary courses online (and free!):

The Pentateuch

The Prophets

Biblical Hermeneutics

I am trying out the last of the three, as I will teaching a course on Hermeneutics in the spring.  Do check it out!

See HERE (you will need to have already downloaded the program itunes).

8 thoughts on “More Good Stuff on i-tunes U

  1. Thanks for letting us know about this. I hunt around iTunes U all the time looking for good courses and lectures but I hadn’t noticed this one. What a great find. One of the best I think.

    Bryan L

  2. Yes. I’m just going to repeat what Dan and Bryan have already said, but thanks for doing the leg work and finding these. I’m looking forward to checking them out.

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