Dale Martin (Yale) – free itunes course: Introduction to New Testament

I have mentioned before that, as I have a very long commute to work, I have been scouring itunes for good (free) courses to listen to.  I did stumble across a great find!

Dale Martin (Yale University) is on itunes with his Introduction to New Testament History and Literature course which is comprised of 26 lectures, each one ranging from 45 minutes to 51 minutes.

He seems to do a good job of covering a number of NT books, though it does not seem like he hits all of them (though I could be wrong).  He does get into some history of reception stuff towards the end (such as “medieval interpretations), and the formation (and formalization) of the church.  When he discusses the gospels, he includes a lecture on the gospel of Thomas.  He also spends about 6-7 lectures on Paul.

I have learned some important things from Martin’s work in the past, though I am certainly critical of some parts of his thinking and work.  This does seem like an interesting course with more than your typical NT survey stuff – provocative, but probably very insightful at times.

Check it out on itunes by going to your itunes store page and in the search window (top right) type in “Dale Martin” and you should find it.  Happy listening!

6 thoughts on “Dale Martin (Yale) – free itunes course: Introduction to New Testament

  1. I find it strange that one can introduce the NT, its history and literature, and include The Gospel of Thomas, The Anti-Household Paul: Thecla, Medieval interpretations, but then fail to include the Petrine episltes, James & Jude. Shouldn’t this be an “introduction to sections of early Christianity” then?

    A curious notion indeed.

  2. This is a nice follow up to the OT Literature class they had posted a while back. Unfortunately, it seems they have now removed/replaced it.

    Thanks for calling this to our attention.

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