This Just In: My Thesis Will Be Published By…

My thesis will be published by Walter de Gruyter in their BZNW series.  I just got word yesterday!

This is very exciting, as they are very professional and come highly recommended.  Here were the main factors for me to consider in choosing a publisher: I wanted

1) A german publisher because, If I choose to apply for a German von Humboldt fellowship, they like it when candidates have gone with a German verlag.

2) a german publisher because they tend to require little or no corrections (other than typos) and require no limiting of pages (at this point, I want to move on to other projects rather than fine tune my thesis).

3) a nice-looking book.  While I like the content in, let’s say, Mohr Siebeck’s work, I think the WUNT II books are very austere and bland in appearance.  BZNW, though, is “handsome,” as one person remarked.

4) to do something a little different.  People go with WUNT and LNTS for a reason – quick, easy to work with, professional…But, I wanted not just to fade into the crowd.

5) a highly respected, international publisher – and WdG is good.


11 thoughts on “This Just In: My Thesis Will Be Published By…

  1. Great news! Are they requiring any/many corrections/additions with content? Have you taken anything out that appeared in your final thesis draft?

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