Question about Philippians scholarship….(need help)

What are the top three German commentaries on Philippians (for depth, excellence, insight, authority, etc…)?

I am doing some research and I will need to Inter-library-loan some German commentaries and I need help narrowing it down to the best three.  Thanks!


3 thoughts on “Question about Philippians scholarship….(need help)

  1. I’ve used these with profit:

    Der Philipperbrief (Heinrich Schlier)

    Der Philipperbrief (Joachim Gnilka)

    Der Brief des Paulus an die Philipper (Ulrich Müller)

  2. I would add: Die Philipperbriefe des Paulus (Wolfgang Schenk); Der Brief an die Philipper (Ernst Lohmeyer), though the latter is only in Gothic script.

  3. It seems that most of the literature I interact with concludes that Schenk’s commentary is the top German commentary on Philippians.

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