Discovered: a NT goldmine on itunes u (and its all free!)

Once in a while, I browse the itunes university (free) selection of courses and lectures from dozens of universities.  I have enjoyed listening to lectures by N.T. Wright, John Goldingay, Dale Martin, Richards Hays, and many more.  Today, I found the jackpot – a lecture series at Abilene Christian University (Carmichael-Walling lectures) which was recently updated.  The new set of lectures include:

-David Scholer on Paul’s theology

-David Parker on Gospels manuscripts

-Luke Timothy Johnson on James in early Christianity

-Richard Bauckham on James in the NT

-James Vanderkam on Scriptural authority in the Dead Sea Scrolls

-James Dunn on the historical Paul and Paul’s preaching of the Gospel

Go HERE for more information; to find these lectures, open up itunes and click on your itunes store.  In the top-right search engine, type in “Carmichael-Walling” or, even more simple, Vanderkam.  Let me know if people are having trouble finding it.




6 thoughts on “Discovered: a NT goldmine on itunes u (and its all free!)

    1. wow. Thanks for this awesome site. There is really a ton of interesting resources. Thank God for broadband Internet 😉

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