Book Giveaway Contest Reminder (one day left)

There is still one day left to enter the book giveaway contest to receive (free!) Hendrickson Publisher’s The Faith of Jesus Christ (eds. M. Bird and P. Sprinkle).  There have already been a handful of entries and I look forward to reading and interacting with them.

On a personal note, I have enjoyed the debate in part because some of the major voices in the debate (N T Wright, James Dunn, Francis Watson) are Durhamites.  Also, I currently teach beginning Greek and this is a fantastic example of what sorts of things are challenging grammatically to interpreters of the NT.  We need to deal with, not only the kind of genitive that christou is, but also the precise meaning of pistis – faithfulness or faith.  Whether or not one finds the debate to be able to be resolved, or the meaning of the phrase to be accurately translated into English, it is a fascinating exegetical conundrum precisely because it deals with two of the most important things to Paul: pistis and christos!

I have not given away the heart of my own thoughts on the debate, though, because I want to hear what others have to say.  Let me tell you that I had believed one view in the past, and I recently changed my mind because of the work of one scholar.  I will divulge my own journey later. You might be surprised (keep in mind that I have been strongly influenced in my theology by both Richard Hays and James Dunn!).

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