Worship and the Spirit (with N.T. Wright essay)

Let’s be honest, N.T. Wright’s name sells books.  I confess that I am a fan – in fact, my choice to study in Durham (UK) was influenced in part by the mere presence of N.T. Wright, James D.G. Dunn, C.K. Barrett, and Charles Cranfield (though the latter two are quite elderly now; both in their 90’s).

Anyway, I was excited to see a new book called The Spirit in Worship–Worship in the Spirit edited by T. Berger and B.D. Spinks (Liturgical Press).  First of all, the topic is quite timely (with much scholarly focus on religious experience).  Also, it helps that the first article is by N.T. Wright on ‘Worship and the Spirit in the New Testament.’  The rest of the essays tend to involve discussions of modern worship or late-historical worship.  What does it mean that the last essay is by Darlene Zschech from the Hillsong Church in Australia (I am not kidding)?  Paul Bradshaw and Jonathan Draper were also names that I recognized.

Let me know if others have found this book interesting.  I might get a hold of the Wright essay someday.

UPDATE: I was informed that the entire Wright essay is available for free on the Liturgical Press website!  Excellent!

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