Univ. of St. Andrews offers OT/NT PhD Scholarships

It was recently brought to my attention that the prestigious University of St. Andrews in offering some very attractive PhD scholarships for New Testament and Old Testament students.  Specifically, the Richard Bauckham scholarship will be awarded to one NT student and she will receive £3500 per year off of tuition (if from the US) as well as a one-time £3000 grant.

Given that these are trying times financially, and living in the UK can be very expensive for Americans, I would look into this option if you are considering do phd studies in NT (or OT).  Also, this scholarship requires teaching a language course (probably Greek for NT) and such experience is imperative for job-hunting.

Sadly, Bauckham is retired now and Bruce Longenecker has made the transition to Baylor, so their deck is not quite as stacked as before.  Nevertheless, they have several excellent scholars in OT and NT and some impressive younger folks that have recently been hired.