New Collection of Kaesemann’s Lectures and Sermons

Due to release in the Spring, On Being a Disciple of the Crucified Nazarene (Eerdmans, 2010) presents previously unpublished materials from the scholarly giant Ernst Kaesemann.  In my postgraduate course Paul and His Interpreters, John M G Barclay would tell stories of hearing Kaesemann give papers.  I think he said it was one of his saddest regrets that he never managed to meet Kaesemann before he passed away.  Barclay passed on an appreciation of and fondness for this German scholar to many of his students.

Of particular interest in this book is ‘a  fascinating “Theological Review,” written by Käsemann at age 90,…reprinted in the front matter.’


One thought on “New Collection of Kaesemann’s Lectures and Sermons

  1. Hi Nijay,

    Yes I can confirm what you’re saying about John Barclay and Ernst Kasemann. I did Paul and His Interpreters last year with prof Barclay. If I remember correctly, he also told us of Kasemann’s daughter who were tragically killed which had a huge impact on him. I really enjoyed reading the debates between Bultmann and Kasemann. Apparently, CK Barrett and Kasemann where good friends.

    Frederik Mulder

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