Gospel of Thomas interviews

In my efforts to generate a storehouse of information on the views and works of contemporary Thomas scholars, I will be continuing my interviews with professors and scholars throughout the spring semester, and possibly into the summer. My next interview, with Ismo Dunderberg (University of Helsinki), will be posted in a few days. Thus far I have been asking each interviewee a group of general questions along with some specific questions about their focused research interests.

At this point I would like to solicit input from the readers of my blog in three areas: (1) What other Thomas scholars would you be interested in hearing from in this format? (2) What additional questions would you like me to ask?; (3) If you have accessed the previous interviews and were left with additional questions, how would you like to see the previous interviews followed-up?

You can respond to any or all of these questions by either commenting on this blog post, sending a message to the Gospel of Thomas e-list under the heading “Thomas Interview Suggestions,” or by sending an email to me at christopherwskinner[at]gmail[dot]com. I promise to take all reasonable suggestions into account. Thanks in advance for your help with my continued efforts to make a lot of highly academic material accessible to a wider audience.