“Remembering Martin Hengel” – A conference

The 2010 New Testament group of the Tyndale Fellowship summer conference has selected the theme “Remembering Martin Hengel” on the basis of which a number of scholars will be giving papers in honor of the great German historian and theologian.

Observe some of the papers:

Andrea Kostenberger – “The Use (or Non-Use) of John’s Gospel in Historical Jesus Research: Neglect and Possibility”

Richard Bauckham – “Eyewitnesses and the Gospel of Mark”

Donald Hagner – “The Parting of the Ways Once More”

Steve Walton – “How Mighty A Minority Were the Hellenists?”

Rainer Riesner – “Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels”

Jorg Frey – “A New History-of-Religions School? Martin Hengel’s work on Christology and its Impact on Recent Research”

Seyoon Kim – “The Son of God”



2 thoughts on ““Remembering Martin Hengel” – A conference

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