The Bishop Approves…

As some of you know, I wrote ‘N.T. Wright for Everyone: the Apostle Paul’ as a (very brief) summary of the Bishop’s views on Paul in preparation for the Wheaton conference in April in his honour (the British spelling is also in his honour!).

A couple of notes:

1. I emailed Bishop Tom and let him know of this, though I felt there was about a 1% chance (maybe less) that he would have a chance to respond.  Well, the good news is that he did respond and found my summary to be ‘fine’ – I’ll take it.  In fact, I am in the process of printing that email out and framing it.  (Coincidentally, my PhD diploma just came in the mail today…what drawer should I stuff that in…I’m sure I will need to photocopy that at some point…)

2. The scribd document has now been read over 1700 times in the last six days – thank you to all of you that posted links and promoted it.  Whatever it takes to educate the masses on what is ‘Wright’! 🙂

3. I have heard that the registration numbers for the conference are very promising (I don’t think I am giving away insider secrets to say that this will probably be the biggest turnout they have seen for this conference).  I really feel that, though this will be a painful 6 hour drive, it is going to be a must-see event.  Plus, if an act of God struct the conference and wiped out N.T. Wright, Markus Bockmuehl, Richard Hays, Kevin Vanhoozer, and Sylvia Keesmaat – well, its just better for me if I go with them to wherever they are going.  (I have done enough blog posts and received enough comments in the past to say this: I am just kidding).


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