Fortress Press 2010 Catalog

I recently got the Fortress 2010 catalog.  Here are some biblical studies highlights:

John Rogerson apparently has an OT theology book: A Theology of the Old Testament: Cultural Memory, Communication and Being Human.

Luke Timothy Johnson’s The Writings of the New Testament is coming out with the 3rd edition-  what’s new?  There is mention of it being ‘carefully updated’ and having ‘new student-friendly format and features’ which at least involves ‘a new design’ and ‘study and reflection questions’.

Paul N. Anderson has written an introduction to the Gospel of John called The Riddles of the Fourth Gospel. Apparently this was designed to work as a textbook.

Richard Pervo has a new book on the legacy of Paul called The Making of Paul: Constructions of the Apostle in Early Christianity.

The catalog lists Magnus Zetterholm’s Approaches to Paul as new.  I did already read this book and it is very useful as a short history of interpretation of Paul on the issue of his stance towards Judaism.  In fact, David Horrell and I both have written reviews on this for RBL.  Do go over and check it out.

My friend Peter Oakes has written a very important new book called Reading Romans in Pompeii.  Because of how preserved Pomeii is and all that we call learn about urban life from this ancient city, it offers the Biblical historian a great resource for learning about the world of the early Christians under the Roman Empire.  Oakes has spent considerable time in Pompeii researching and learning, trying to provide an idea of how the Roman letter readers would have taken and applied Paul’s teachings.

Another new gem seems to be the resource called Documents and Images for the Study of Paul by Neil Elliott and Mark Reasoner.


One thought on “Fortress Press 2010 Catalog

  1. I have read Oakes’ book. It is very insightful and certainly brings a new lens to understanding Romans. I plan on using it in my Romans class this summer!

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