What will I be listening to on my way to Wheaton?

I have a 6+ hour drive today to Wheaton, and I am leaving here shortly.  I am going solo, so I need to keep my mind busy.  What will I be listening to in the car?  I have just downloaded a course on itunes U (free lectures through itunes) by Dr. Moises Silva (Westminster Theological Seminary) on New Testament Introduction.  Silva used to teach at Gordon-Conwell seminary, though not in my time there.  He is a master interpreter of the NT, very skilled and very passionate.  This course, as I see from the lecture titles, is not a content course (NT books), but a preparatory course: political history of Palestine, Hellenistic religions, textual criticism, linguistic milieu of Palestine, translation issues, history of the church’s understanding of the canon, etc…

I plan on being in Wheaton about 5-5:30 PM.  I will register, have dinner (somewhere?) and then maybe hit the Wheaton library.  Then I will probably check-in to my hotel and hit the hot tub… 🙂