Two New Books on My Shelf

I just got two new books in the mail I am very excited about

R.L. Maddox and J.E. Vickers, The Cambridge Companion to John Wesley (CUP, 2010)

E.W. Klink III (ed.), The Audience of the Gospels: The Origin and Function of the Gospels in Early Christianity (LNTS 353; 2010).

The second book is a continuation of the discussion on the Gospels audiences that took place with Bauckham’s paradigm-busting The Gospels for All Christians? In Audience, the discussion is updated since many professional conferences and sessions have taken place on this subject since GAC first appeared.  Other contributors alongside Bauckham include Adele Reinhartz, Craig Blomberg, Klink, Mike Bird, and Justin Marc Smith.  I will give a brief analysis after I have had a chance to work through it.


One thought on “Two New Books on My Shelf

  1. The volume is not intending to defend the view of GAC, but to explore the issues that have been raised over the last decade. I intentionally requested contributions that would further the discussion as a whole, not merely one side. I look forward to your analysis.

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