I am #175 (the publication of my monograph)

I was checking on something and I stumbled across my own forthcoming monograph description (November 2010) on the Walter de Gruyter website.  Apparently, I have been assigned to the BZNW series as #175, and the monograph will cost a mere $108 – that’s just 40 cents a page!

Anyway, this is very exciting.  I have just completed re-formatting the document to conform to WdG standards and it took me probably over 100 hours (~20 hours per month over 5 months).

My hope is that the book will be available at SBL for me to pick up my comp copies.  Start saving up!


6 thoughts on “I am #175 (the publication of my monograph)

  1. Curiosity question: what is the average number of comp copies an author gets from a publisher? I trust it varies depending on publisher, but on average, is it 5 copies? 20 copies?

  2. Fabulous, Nijay! Congratulations. FYI, I think I got 5 from CUP. T&T gave me 4 for another project, and I think Brill will give me 6 for something else. So yours is very generous and should make great stocking-stuffers for your family this Christmas!

  3. Nijay!

    I googled NT Wright Wheaton Conference and found your blog. You’re slaying it man! How is your family and your transition back to Ashland?

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