Jesus is a sacrament….

As I continue to study the Gospel of John, I am struck by the interesting dual-depiction of Jesus as the Word of God- the narration of his character and identity in verbal form, and also the visible representation of God (14:9).  One theologian offers this kind of revelatory Christology in this way: ‘Jesus is a sacrament, because he is a finite visible reality which makes present and tangible in history the invisible reality of God’ (J.J. O’Donnell, The Mystery of the Triune God, 85).


3 thoughts on “Jesus is a sacrament….

  1. Nijay, this is an interesting post. I am concluding teaching a seminar on the Fourth Gospel right now and we have talked a lot about both of the issues in your dual-depiction. However, I have not thought of it in the way you mention or in the quote you provide. Some food for thought. Thanks for the post.

    Chris Skinner

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