Jesus is a sacrament….

As I continue to study the Gospel of John, I am struck by the interesting dual-depiction of Jesus as the Word of God- the narration of his character and identity in verbal form, and also the visible representation of God (14:9).  One theologian offers this kind of revelatory Christology in this way: ‘Jesus is a sacrament, because he is a finite visible reality which makes present and tangible in history the invisible reality of God’ (J.J. O’Donnell, The Mystery of the Triune God, 85).


3 thoughts on “Jesus is a sacrament….

  1. Nijay, this is an interesting post. I am concluding teaching a seminar on the Fourth Gospel right now and we have talked a lot about both of the issues in your dual-depiction. However, I have not thought of it in the way you mention or in the quote you provide. Some food for thought. Thanks for the post.

    Chris Skinner

  2. You might also enjoy the work of Schillebeeckx on the subject of Jesus as primordial sacrament.

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