Come Study Philippians in Greek with me in Seattle this fall!

I would like any interested reader who lives in the Seattle area to consider coming to study Philippians (in Greek!) with me this fall at Seattle Pacific University on Tuesday nights from 6pm-8:35pm.  I am teaching this course in the graduate school of theology.

Part of the class will involve serious engagement in the Greek text- discussion of translation (syntax, textual criticism, some morphological issues), but I want to have ample time to dive into historical, social, theological, and ethical issues.

I am currently leaning towards assigning Bockmuehl’s BNTC commentary, which is universally praised for being concise, rich in wisdom, and attentive to all the exegetical problems. If a student has already read this commentary, I would allow a substitution like Morna Hooker’s commentary or perhaps equivalent pages in Fee.

In terms of theology and ethics, we will also be working through a very important book by Michael Gorman called Cruciformity which shaped my own thinking about Paul in many ways.

We will utilize a number of articles in the course by Stephen Fowl, Ross Wagner, Morna Hooker, N.T. Wright and others.  Students will also read two of my own articles – one on Chapter1 and one on Chapter 2.

I am working on a couple of book projects involving Philippians and I will be testing out some of those materials on my students. There will be ample opportunities to give me helpful feedback that can make these resources more useful.

So, please consider joining me in this course. If you have any questions about the course, feel free to write a comment.

Details: THEO 6210 Scri in Org Lang-Grk: Phili/Phi

“This course will include an in-depth exegetical treatment of the text, focusing on linguistic analysis of the Greek text. Attention will be given to historical, literary, and theological questions, as well as selected issues in the history of interpretation.”


7 thoughts on “Come Study Philippians in Greek with me in Seattle this fall!

  1. Man, I taught that exact same course on the Greek text of Philippians (for Fuller Northwest) for two weeks at SPU several years ago. Great class! Wish I could join you!

    If you want to see my NovT essay on the discourse structure of Philippians let me know and I can shoot you a copy.

  2. Yes, John – I was hired from a search done last year. I will be teaching full-time in Biblical Studies. Mostly I will teach undergad courses, but I will teach one grad course – Philippians.

    Alex – well, I will be teaching Gospel of John in summer of 2011 for Asbury Seminary (virtual campus). It is an asynchronous online class, so anyone in the world can take it (for grad credit)! That’s another option!

  3. What are the chances of streaming your Philippians class on the web and including an online audience? I will be moving to Berlin, Germany on 5 July, but would dearly love participating in your course.

  4. Well a delayed congrats, Nijay. I had a few colleagues in NT apply for that position. Well done on getting it.

    Please do shoot me an email in the future if any job prospects come to your attention. Now that we’re both newly minted Ph.D.’s, one of whom is gainfully employed (that’s you!!!), any help is greatly appreciated!

    Best of luck!

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