My Published Review Essay of Campbell’s Deliverance of God

The review essay I wrote concerning Douglas Campbell’s Deliverance of God (Reviews in Religion and Theology) has now been published.  It is about 8 pages long and is called: “Douglas Campbell’s Startling Alternative to Traditional Paradigms of Pauline Soteriology.”

The website is here (If the link doesn’t work for you, google-search on “Reviews in Religion and Theology” and navigate to the link “View Content Online” – you will only gain access to my article if you have approval through a subscription)

Without rehearsing the whole review, I will just say that I enjoyed reading Doug’s book, I learned much from it, there was a good deal that I agreed with, but I did not find his “alternative” reading more convincing than the traditional one. In the end, I think it will continue to be read and be useful, but more for its critiques than its reconstructions.

Forthcoming Interviews

I have had little time to devote to blogging lately but I will be returning to a regimen of regular posting very soon. I just wanted to mention that in the next few weeks I will be continuing my series of interviews with prominent researchers on the Gospel of Thomas. If you’ve been following along you know that I’ve already posted interviews with Nick Perrin (here and here), Stevan Davies (here, here, and here), Stephen Patterson (here, here, and here), and Ismo Dunderberg (here and here). In the upcoming weeks I will be posting interviews that I have conducted with Risto Uro (University of Helsinki) and Marvin Meyer (Chapman University). Until then I am still in the process of moving into an office and into a new house so my posting will likely be sporadic.

Website on the Messianic Pretenders

I am preparing lectures for a course next summer on the Gospel of John and I wanted to get my students familiar with ancient expectations of what the messiah would be like. One way to teach about how early Jewish traditions of Messianism were interpreted is to point students to Messianic pretenders and their followers.

I found THIS website which offers lists by time period and also the sources that refer to such people.  Priceless!

(If the link doesn’t work, try to go directly:

Blog at 200,000 hits…

It is nice to have reached the 200,000 mark in terms of blog hits (thank you wordpress for the stats!). I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging, despite my sparse postings in the last couple of months.

I am in the middle of moving from Ashland, Ohio to Seattle, WA. I am currently teaching a hermeneutics course at Ashland and that is taking up significant chunks of my time. Otherwise, my time is spent training as Virtual Campus faculty for Asbury Seminary and finishing up a book project I am working on.

I hope to be more active on the blog here especially in late August and following (certainly in the run up to SBL).

A special thanks to those that read and comment here. I highly value feedback and dialogue.

Have you downloaded “Dropbox” yet?

I love my gadgets. I have an old Windows laptop, an older Mac laptop (donated to me from my dad), and an ipod touch. I have been looking for a way to easily share files between these platforms. One option is to use a USB drive, but what about the ipod touch? What about Google-docs? Ok, but always opening a browser is a hassle.

Dropbox is the solution! AND ITS FREE! It is a program that sets up a special folder on your desktop (of Mac or PC) and you literally just drag and “drop” files into it. It syncs up with other computers or systems with the same dropbox account. itunes has dropbox applications for ipods and ipads that are really easy to use.

For free, you get 2GB worth of online space. If all your computers crash at the same time, you still have all of those files backed up on the dropbox server.

Here’s the thing – if you are referred (by me!), you will get extra space free and so will I.  So, instead of just going over to and signing up, leave a comment that you are interested and I will send you my referral link. You don’t need to specify your email address in the “comment” window, but do so in the personal information window of the comment screen because it will be visible to me and only me.

Recap: If you are interested in getting this for free, leave a comment and I will help you get more online storage space! Please give some feedback in the comments below if you have tried Dropbox and like it.

NB: Dropbox also works well for collaborative works where you share a dropbox folder with some friends or colleagues and you can modify a document in the folder for others to see and they can edit it as well.  Great for co-writing articles, though I haven’t tried it yet!