Great Visual Aids for Teaching the Bible

I have always liked to use art in my Powerpoint slides when teaching on the Bible. I recently discovered an excellent resource that has collected pieces of art and codified it according to which Biblical text it would be associated with. The pictures come from a variety of places and time periods. Check it out here.


5 thoughts on “Great Visual Aids for Teaching the Bible

  1. great site. I try to employ images with my powerpoints as well. I am trying to incorporate more multi-cultural works and this will make the searches a little less time consuming.

    I’ve enjoyed your blog as well.


  2. Nijay: See also the ICONCLASS browser (, which, though comparatively poor in actual images (it is an international system of classification, not primarily an image bank), is extremely precise descriptively.
    Princeton University’s Index of Christian Art is equally precise, and much richer in images (but still far from as rich as the original Index in paper). It has also been adding ICONCLASS numbers of late.
    The Jerusalem Index for Jewish Art ( is not yet online, but can be corresponded with, I believe (???), and does make a FEW images available over the Internet.
    And then there are the encyclopedias of Christian iconography.

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