Have you downloaded “Dropbox” yet?

I love my gadgets. I have an old Windows laptop, an older Mac laptop (donated to me from my dad), and an ipod touch. I have been looking for a way to easily share files between these platforms. One option is to use a USB drive, but what about the ipod touch? What about Google-docs? Ok, but always opening a browser is a hassle.

Dropbox is the solution! AND ITS FREE! It is a program that sets up a special folder on your desktop (of Mac or PC) and you literally just drag and “drop” files into it. It syncs up with other computers or systems with the same dropbox account. itunes has dropbox applications for ipods and ipads that are really easy to use.

For free, you get 2GB worth of online space. If all your computers crash at the same time, you still have all of those files backed up on the dropbox server.

Here’s the thing – if you are referred (by me!), you will get extra space free and so will I.  So, instead of just going over to http://www.dropbox.com and signing up, leave a comment that you are interested and I will send you my referral link. You don’t need to specify your email address in the “comment” window, but do so in the personal information window of the comment screen because it will be visible to me and only me.

Recap: If you are interested in getting this for free, leave a comment and I will help you get more online storage space! Please give some feedback in the comments below if you have tried Dropbox and like it.

NB: Dropbox also works well for collaborative works where you share a dropbox folder with some friends or colleagues and you can modify a document in the folder for others to see and they can edit it as well.  Great for co-writing articles, though I haven’t tried it yet!


16 thoughts on “Have you downloaded “Dropbox” yet?

  1. Great, Nijay. This seems like a really helpful thing.
    Put me down, please. How much increased storage do we/you get by doing this?

  2. Hi Nijay,
    I’ve wanted to try this for a while, just needed a good reason. Please send me the link too.

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