Johannine Literature suggestions to build personal library?

I have recently come into some stipend money to build up reference materials that I can use to prepare a course on John’s Gospel. Aside from commentaries, what other “must-have” resources on the Fourth Gospel would you recommend (specifically things that I can find on Amazon marketplace and, not OOP)?


7 thoughts on “Johannine Literature suggestions to build personal library?

  1. Hi Nijay,

    Thanks for your blog.

    These might not all be “must-have”, yet, they’ve all been helpful to me in Johannine studies. Hope some of these are helpful.

    Greater than Caesar: Christology & Empire in the Fourth Gospel, Thatcher
    What We Have Heard from the Beginning: The Past, Present & Future of Johannine Studies, Thatcher
    New Currents Through John: A Global Perspective, Francisco & Thatcher
    John, Jesus and History, Vol. 1: Critical Appraisals of Critical Views, Anderson, Just, Thatcher
    John, Jesus and History, Vol. 1: Aspects of Historicity in the Fourth Gospel, Anderson, Just, Thatcher
    Jesus in Johannine Tradition, Fortna, Thatcher
    The Gospel of John and Christian Theology, Bauckham
    Symbolism in the Fourth Gospel, Koester
    Dwelling in the Household of God: Johannine Ecclesiology and Spirituality, Coloe
    Word of Life: A Theology of John’s Gospel, Koester
    Your Father the Devil, Motyer
    John and Empire, Carter

  2. I very much enjoy Bauckham’s The Testimony of the Beloved Disciple: Narrative, History, and Theology in the Gospel of John. However for many it may be easier (and cheaper) to find those articles in the journals they were previously published in.

  3. Nijay,
    From a student’s perspective, having just finished a semester on Johannine literature at Concordia University, Irvine, I thoroughly enjoyed and learned much from the following:
    1. Craig Koester – “Symbolism in the Fourth Gospel”
    2. Andreas Kostenberger – “Theology of John’s Gospel and Letters” (very up to date on all recent studies)

  4. Three volumes by Francis J. Moloney originally published by Fortress Press and now reprinted by Wipf and Stock:

    Belief in the Word: Reading John 1-4
    Signs and Shadows: Reading John 5-12
    Glory Not Dishonor: Reading John 13-21

    Andrew Lincoln’s commentary (Black’s) is also very good.

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