Scottish J of Theol’s Burridge/Hays/Watson debate

The latest Scottish Journal of Theology issue has a nice debate concerning Richard Burridge’s Imitating Jesus book. The first respondent is Richard Hays, then Francis Watson, and finally Ian Markham. Afterwards, Richard offers his own response. I was at the SBL session when this discussion took place and it is a very helpful conversation. Burridge attacked Hays a bit in his book and it was nice to have Hays offer his own response. Watson’s comments were also useful.

In additional, but unrelated to the above debate, Geoffrey Turner has an interesting article title: “The Righteousness of God in Psalms and in Romans.” I have not read it, but I intend to…

See here.

A few noteworthy forthcoming books from WJK

WJK has some very attractive titles coming in late summer and early Fall.

1. Canon and Creed (Robert Jenson). I look forward to seeing this contribution to the Interpretation series’ resources for use of Scripture in the church. Previously I gave a sterling review of Patrick Miller’s work on the Ten Commandments – truly an excellent launch volume for the series!

Now, Jenson offers reflections on the relationship between Scripture and historical church confessions. Given recent interests in the Regula Fide and also theological interpretation of Scripture, this is an important volume from a respected theologian.

2. In August and Sept. we will also see two more volumes on the Pentateuch from John  Goldingay in his new series The OT for Everyone.

3. Did you know WJK is launching a new commentary series called “Belief”? It appears to be similar to Baker’s Brazos series in that it is biblical commentaries written by “theologians” – first up, the late William Placher on Mark. I am also interested in seeing Allen Verhey’s Ephesians volume when it eventually comes out.

4. There has already been some buzz about Jimmy Dunn’s Did the First Christians Worship Jesus? While the American version will not see bookstands (and Amazon!) until August, it has been out in the UK for some time.

5. Finally, I am excited to see, in Aug. as well, Lewis Donelson’s 1 & 2 Peter and Jude volume in the NTL series from WJK. It is about 300+ pages and apparently treats both historical-critical matters as well as theological ones. Personally, I think it will be hard to find an enduring voice among the many very excellent commentaries out there by Joel Green, J. Ramsey Michaels, David Horrell (T & T guide), and Paul Achtemeier, but I like Lewie’s work in general and he is a great person. I am sure I will not be able to fight the temptation to pick this one up at SBL.

That’s it. For more books see here.